Milan, 2005.

Curated by Bo130, Microbo.
From an Idea of Abner Preis.

Bringing together some of the most influential aspects of the so called "urban underground street life style"... (you know!? they always need to label these things) What we want is to take the audience on a journey to explore the relation between art, illustration, street, sport, fashion, politics, comunication. through the evolution of the street art scene, and his influence on the "overground"

an overview into the contemporary urban movement. what happened in more than 30 years of legal/illegal activity from the 70's, spanning to today influence on popular culture, from the ghetto to the next plateau from local to global.

Through out the 4 weeks the Edge show will host different inner-events, based on 3 different elements:CORE, DARK and STYLE. all unified by an invisible line... 

Graffiti and Street Art and showing their influence and the evolution through the years.

We strongly believe that now more then ever there is a need of some explanation...and this show wants to bring to a broader audience what's been always portrayed as a disease instead of a true cultural movement but especially we want to show the new urban visual activity in his variety of forms, concepts works, Icons, public interventions...

The CORE section will be dedicated most to the historical part of Graffiti world
we are going to have a selection of canvases and works from some of the most representative artists who made the history of writing and Graffiti. We are goiing to have also some documentaries and photographs from New york back in the days ....

the DARK section will be more related to all political aspects and restriction lows during the '90, we are going to have a conference, dibate and talks host at the "Triennale" (contemporany art/design museum in Milan) inviting, professors, artists, curators, critics to discuss about the phenomeno.

The STYLE section will explore more the influences of the streets into brands, fashion, design and marketing communication; within this section we'll have a series of inner exhibitions like: old skool sneakers, toys, gadgets and skateboards

We'll be setting up the place in two main areas: in one we'll run an exhibition of works/canvases; in the other one we'll have wall painting sessions and installations by the new street art scene, from all sides and different countries; also live skateboarding, breakdancing, dj and vj performances, (all the weekends).

the opening of the show it's going to be on 5th march 2005; and it's going to close on 25th of march.
6th MARCH 2005.
via Pestalozzi, 4